About Nadi

The exact period of when Nadi Astrology took root in ancient India is not known. About Nadi Astrology [palmblatt lesung] and Nadi Jyotish, it is assumed the ancient Rishis became so sure about their predictions that they started predicting salient patterns in the lives of the yet to be born generations. Alarmed at the omniscience of these Rishis, the gods in the heavens sent a great fire that destroyed most of the records prepared by the Ancient Rishis. The remaining fragments of leftover Nadi Astrology records are handed down from father to son in the Astrologer families, who act as the custodians of the Nadi Shastra records. These Nadi records are identified by their purported writers among whom the best known are Agastya Nadi, Koushika Nadi, Bhrigu Nadi, Vasishta Nadi, Shiva Nadi and Chandra Kala Nadi.

The Nadi Shastra horoscopes contain the predictions of the people who are destined to contact their particular predictions in the future. A Nadi Jyotish prediction consists of four main parts which called as listed below

  • Bhava phala
  • Yoga khanda
  • Karma khanda
  • Shanti khanda

A little description and a few details about each part of a Nadi prediction follows- Bhava Phala in Nadi Astrology [palmblattlesung] is the prediction about worldly existence and about the birth and the origin of the individual. The Bhava Phala clearly defines the things about the person such as career, marriage, children, health and finances. These predictions are about the material achievements of the individual in this life. It could include money, jewellery, houses and any other significant portions of land.

Yoga Khanda of Nadi Shastra gives precise predictions, which are the details of the political, social and scientific achievements, and based on the planetary combinations found in the horoscope. It is what the individual with his union of consciousness is able to achieve in controlling the societal structures and rule over them. These predictions are the social mirror of the individual.

Karma Khanda, as per the Nadi Josiyam [palmblatt lesung], details the misdeeds in the previous birth that hinder the progress or growth of the individual in the present birth. Whatever the individual has performed in the past life is depicted here, usually anything evil.

Shanti Khanda suggests ways to get out of the predicaments caused by the bad Karma of the previous birth. The individual will come to bear peace of mind, hence Shanti, by performing remedial measures suggested by the Nadi astrologer.

It shall be noted that Astrology is a well-developed science, having developed from ancient manuscripts like Brihat Samhita, Jataka Parijata etc. and giving almost accurate results even today. We are at Nadi Predictions, the original and India’s one of the best [palmblattbibliothek] Nadi Jyotish family in Banglore, are well-versed with the art of Nadi Jothidham.