In Nadi Astrology [palmblattlesung], yantras are the devices to subdue or control something that is desired or needed. It is composed of “yam” meaning to control something desirable and “”tra” meaning a device, so yantra when combined in meaning means a device that controls or subdues something desirable. According to Nadi Shastra, yantras can be taken for the devices that handle the universe or cosmos. The cosmos has a central place in the Hindu cosmology and from there is derived the word Yantra,a device controlling the universe.

It is worth mentioning that in the end all comes to the one thing atom, the building block of the universe. The universe itself responds to the yantra and its working while the Nadi Jyotish responds to the universe.

A yantra is itself more powerful than the image of the deity itself since it can energise the image of the deity and as such has a lot of precedence when actually practising the religion of Hinduism in genreal and Nadi Jyothisham in particular. The yantras are placed underneath the statue of the deity so as to energise it, and give it power in sanctity. The yantras, as such hold a lot of importance in Nadi Astrology [palmblattbibliothek] and Nadi Jyothisham in transmitting the energy levels during the practice of mantras.

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It has been found most of the yantras are made of copper for copper is the substance that conducts electricity, and effectively the yantras respond to the desired energy levels of the mantras being performed. It is believed in Nadi Jothidam that the common deities build the energy levels according to the peculiar electromagnetic fields that govern the basic emotions and Karma.

The Nadi Astrology yantras prove themselves helpful during the recitation of what is the essence of the holy grail of the Hinduism, the Vedas.

Here are the meanings of some common yantric symbols which define Nadi Jyotish

  • Lotus flower might mean the chakra or mandla of the energy levels at the centre of the body
  • Bindu or dot implies the starting place from where the cosmos emerged as a single entity
  • Shatkona implies the star of David, the name of shatkona is in Sanskrit a symbol for two interlocking triangles
  • The upward triangle in the shatkona represents the energy level of the cosmos, the element of fire or Shiva
  • The downward triangle in the shatkona represents the energy level of shakti or the creative power of the universe
  • The Sanskrit alphabet represents the cone or chakra of particular sound
  • Circle is the energy of the element of water
  • Square is the energy of the element of the earth

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