Nadi History

Nadi Jyolsyam derived from the Nadi palm leaves, the writing of which have been attributed to as far back as the Vedic times, during which the saint Agastya having been guided by the divine light wrote them. Agastaya is a noted scholar of the Vedic times who was a big recluse and worked alongside his wife Lopamudra.Taking the cue from Agastya, many of his followers took to the divinity and omniscinece hidden in the [palmblatt lesung] Nadi jyotish that they started hanging around the Vaitheeswaran koil Temple in TamilNadu. It was during this period the Nadi Astrology palm leaves became a popular source of divine knowledge.

When the Cholas ruled, beginning with 848 A.D, the Nadi jyothisham inspired the Cholas to categorze and preserve the leaves in the Saraswati Mahal. In the 13th century, the ruler of the area called King Serofji found some Nadi palm leaves scattered around the Vaitheeswaran koil temple, and he immediately ordered the preservation of the leaves.

The Nadi palm leaves were safe during the Chola dynasty but with the onset of the Mughal empire, they were threatened to extinction, but for the efforts of some devoted Brahamins, the leaves were saved and secured at a deserving place. It was around the period of ascendancy of the Maratha rule in Tamil Nadu, established by High Highness Venkoji Mahraja in 1676 with Tanjore as the capital that the Nadi Shastra in the form of Nadi leaves were kept in great reverence and secured from any harm.

But with the onset of British rule in India, the Nadi leaves, which form the Nadi Shastra, were auctioned and sold while the remaining were given to some deserving families to keep who dealt in medicine, herbs and alchemy.

Attributing to its famous past and as the word went around that the Vaitheeswaran koil temple possessed Nadi jyotish knowledge, spread by those in whose hands the plam leaves fell, the Vaitheeswaran koil temple became the hub of Nadi Astrology [palmblattlesung].

Apart from the glorious past of Nadi leaves, as history would recall, there is some tinge of mythological influence on the great and revered Nadi palm leaf reading. It has been believed that whatever is revealed in the Nadi shastra has been due to the conversation of Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati. Because of which the Nadi leaf reading is called "Shiva nadi jyotisiyam".

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