Chapters List

We are making Nadi Astrology predictions in Banglore, which are organized by chapters called Kandams with each chapter elaborating on specific topics describing specific details pertaining to the individual, and according to Nadi Shastra. What each chapter includes in [palmblattlesung] Nadi Astrology is mentioned below chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1 is called the1st Kandam in Nadi Jyotish which contains the details about major events for which the individual is destined.

Chapter 2 relates the fiscal position of the person involved. It clearly demarcates the financial health of the person, as to his status acquired because of wealth and education.

Chapter 3 indicates the information about the siblings the person has and their relations with him.

Chapter 4 is all about the worldly information of the properties owned by the person and his relations with mother and land. It shows his pleasurable instinct to enjoy the material things.

Chapter 5 details about the children, their birth, their future paths, and reasons for not having children or in case of lack of children, the adoption of children or remedial measures to have children.

Chapter 6 is dedicated to the problems created in life like that of pending court cases, such as having enemies, incurring debts or suffering from long standing diseases.

Chapter 7 is an important chapter divulging details related to marriage, delay in marriage and reasons thereof for the delay, the possible time of marriage, the lagna of bride or bridegroom and his/her planetary positions.

Chapter 8 of Nadi Shastra gives indications about longevity of life, and dangers, if any to life.

Chapter 9 is of predictions about father and wealth related to inheritance, visit to temples and indulgence in charitable deeds and the chances of meeting holy men in near future while on pilgrimage.

Chapter 10 will let you learn about the career details, it will also suggest the most likely profession to follow, the change of job and place whether it is in the interest of the individual and finally the good and bad points of the profession to follow.

Chapter 11 will let the persson have a piece of knowledge about the possibility of a second marriage, and if there are chances of making profits in any endeavour.

Chapter 12 is about the foregin visits or the possibilities of making visits abroad to new countries across the seas.It will also hint on the possible next birth or on the chances of attaining Salvation [moksha].

The Chapters 13 to 16 are more specific to the Nadi Jothidam and more esoteric in approach.

Chapter 13 elaborates on getting rid of sins committed in past births. It is called Santhi Pariharam. The sins are removed by taking remedial measures as suggested by Nadi Shastra.

Chapter 14 is called Deekshai kandam and in[Palmblattbibliothek] Nadi Astrology the purpose of the Kandam is to do Jaap of it by which troubles can be reduced. Also by wearing a talisman suggested by Nadi Jyotish, the worries related to troubles and the activities of enemies and their impact on the soul can be reduced.

Chapter 15 in Nadi Jothidam called Aushada Kandam is defined to provide medicines for those suffering from long illnesses and it also elaborates taking of medicines as according to [palmblatt lesung] Nadi Astrology.

Chapter 16 in Nadi Astrology is called Dasabukthi Kandam, and defined the nadi predictions for running of Disa Bukthi (Major-Sub-Period).