In Hinduism, and in Nadi Astrology [palmblatt lesung], the concept of eternal recurrence also called reincarnation is prevalent. The soul continues to seek birth after birth till it finds moksha or liberation from the cycle of life and death. It is the bounden duty, or Dharma of every Hindu to seek liberation of the soul in this birth.Nadi Jyoitsh propounds and elaborates why does the soul keep on repeating the cycle of birth and death? According to Nadi Shastra the soul has to do with the Karma, that is the action related to the soul during the lifetime of the current birth. If there are enough bad deeds on the Karma of the soul, the soul takes rebirth to efface those bad deeds and become pure. In Nadi Jothidham, only the pure souls go to the moksha, that is they unite with the supreme consciousness from which they have separated during the creation of the universe or cosmos.

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Everyone having a form in this life is here because of bad karma, and his or her goal should be to seek liberation by making amends for the past bad deeds. The amends can be made by what is called the Pariharas. The Pariharas as hinted upon by Nadi Shastra and Nadi Astrology [palmblatt lesung] can be used in three cases, as discussed below,

1. Making amends for the bad deeds in the past birth is paramount in Siva Nadi Astrology.

2. The planets making bad transits in the houses that are not favorably aligned. This scenario falls in the domain of Nadi Astrology [palmblattbibliothek]. These effects are documented in Sukshma Nadi and called Gochara effects or the temporary transit of planets. The best way to correct the bad effects caused by planets is to be good and not harm others. One should try to keep the peace and show good behavior in every case,a s laid out by Nadi Jyotish. The God fearing people generally tackle the bad planet transits with ease.

3. The third case where the Pariharas are used is when some evil eye casts sight upon the affected person. It usually happens out of enmity and jealousy. When someone gets jealous of the person’s success, wealth or woman, the person gets affected. Again there are solutions or remedies with the Pariharas, as the Nadi Astrology [palmblattlesung] gives jaaps and mantras to chant for a certain period as an offering to the Vedic gods and talisman to wear which will keep the evil eye at bay. This way the affected person might breathe with ease as his suffering subside.

It must be noted that all the Jaaps offered by Agastya Maha Siva Sukshma Nadi are of divine nature, and there are no evil jaaps like Mantrik or Tantrik Poojas, as such. As we are the number One Nadi Jyotish in Banglore, we can help you with reaching your goals in accordance with [palmblattlesung] Nadi Astrology.