Vedic Astrology

Jyotish literally means light and by extension means the study of light, which is India's system of divination, to predict the very essence of life related to human beings. Outside India, this system of divination is called Vedic Astrology because it had its origins during the early period in the history of India when Vedas were taking shape. Since then [palmblattlesung] Nadi Astrology has grown in India. During the period of Vedas, there were oral traditions of learning the Vedas from which grew the Jyotish and Nadi Jyotish and Nadi shastra.The Vedic Astrology was cognized as sacred knowledge in one of the forms called Nadi Shastra by holy men called Rishis or sages. The sages divinely developed six auxiliary disciplines called Vedangas or limbs of the Vedas; they are Vaykarna (Grammar), Chandas (Meter), Shiksha (Intonation), Nirukta( etymology), Kalpa( Ritual) and Jyotish(Astrology/Astronomy). When the Veda is personified as a living being, Vaykarna is the face, Chandas the legs, Shiksha the breath, Nirukta the ears, Kalpa the hands and Jyotish the eyes.

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Nadi Astrology is the Vidya that can be had only from Jyotishi who has mastered all the facets of light that is coming from the Sun. moon, planets and stars.All the Nadi Jyotish are captured in.

Three are six limbs to Jyotish as there are six limbs to Vedas, these six limbs of Jyotish are mentioned below according to Prashna Marga, an old text of horary Astrology, Equally in complexity of live, the six limbs abstraction applies to [palmblattbibliothek] Nadi Jyothisham too.

vedic astrology in Bangalore

Gola is the spherical astronomy and direct observation; it is also called observational astronomy

Astronomical and Astrological calculations are called Ganita

Jataka is the natal or birth astrology.

Answering questions without the use of natal horoscope; horary astrology

Choosing astrologically auspicious occasions or dates or time for the events

It is the interpretation of the omens.

Body part reading, especially hand reading, also called palmistry is an allied sister science of Astrology. Jyotish is related to the constellations called Nakshatras, but it is also linked to three allied non -celestial disciplines called Sankhya Shastra(numerology), Samudrika Shastra( divination through interpretation of body parts, using their shapes, relative sizes and markings), and hasta Samudrika Shastra(palmistry).

Maharishi Parashara, the father of Jyotish, has to say about Jyotish. And the same applies to [palmblatt lesung] Nadi Shastra.

"The knowledge I have imparted to you is that same science that Lord Brahma spoke to Narda, and Narda spoke to Shaunaka and other sages from whom I have received it. I have narrated to you as I learnt from them."

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