Since the beginning of civilization, from ancient times, it has been believed that the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars exert their influence on human beings. Besides Vedi Astrology, likewise the system so organized exists that in the ancient period it had acquired the status of a subject of its own, [palmblattlesung] Nadi Astrology holds a prominent position in the Vedic studies and culture.

Nadi Astrology exerts similar influence through Nadi Shastra,
The study of Hindu Astrology begins with nine planets called navagrahas which are listed below,

  • 1. The Sun
  • 2. The Moon
  • 3. Mercury
  • 4. Venus
  • 5. Mars
  • 6. Jupiter
  • 7. Saturn
  • 8. Rahu , the north lunar node
  • 9. Ketu , the south lunar node
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It is the position of these nine planets that determine the fate of individuals living on the earth, and Nadi Jyolsyam confirms it. The planets have been drawn to occupy places in one of the 12 Bhavas called houses, which are determined by the position of the sun in the sky. The 12 houses depending on the sun’s position form the solar zodiac and are listed below,


How do the planets cast their influence on people?

Through Samayama an individual is able to tune with the energy level of the graham or planet, and that planet begins to cast its influence, good or bad, on him.It is the continuous flow of energy that affects the person; the energy though could be measured in the form of light as every planet sheds its light on the person, he or she gets affected by receiving that light. Nadi Jyotish [palmblattbibliothek] too takes into consideration the light. The quantum of light keeps on changing as the planet moves farther away or comes closer to the individual thereby causing a cascading effect on the person.

The planetary movements might result in a favorable position when the gain can be expected, or could be harmful for the person when he suffers some sort of loss. To compensate for the loss so as to completely avoid it, there can be remedies which if followed seriously can counter the negative impact of the planet. You can contact our Bnaglore office for favorable positions of the stars through [palmblatt lesung] Nadi Astrology.

The Navagraha poojas is usually performed by two pundits in which each of the nine planets is worshipped so as to cast a good influence on those who have sought the pooja or worshipping to begin in the first place. The pooja is essential for those who are suffering from the malfunctions of some planets causing bad transits or bad movements, or are at the wrong places in the houses. Nadi Jyotish can rectify any unwanted bad tranists influencing the person.