Nadi Astrology

In the ancient times, the seers also called Rishis had very strong spiritual powers for they believed in the efficacy of the spirit, likewise the faith in soul led them to the belief in the life after death, which later on became the central tenet of Hinduism. The Rishis discovered Nadi Jyotish [palmblatt lesung] through strict discipline of the senses by practicing ascetic life, and developed the sense that would have them take a peep into the previous life and into the future of the current life. Having attained immense knowledge by training the senses, the Rishis decided to pen down their findings, observations and divinations on the palm leaves for the sake of posterity so that the future generations can benefit from their immense pool of knowledge.This knowledge forming Nadi Shastra was on the subjects that exerted immense influence on life during those ancient times, and were as listed below-

Nadi astrology in Bangalore
  • Ayurveda
  • Siddha
  • Varma
  • Astronomy
  • Astrology

Here we are mainly interested in the knowledge that was written on palm leaves and mainly related to Nadi Astrology. The Rishis had divined with certainty that certain people will be born in the future of the planet earth and they had detailed their journeys through life on the palm leaves.The palm leaves were preserved for the sake of future generations and the astrology of such predictions came to be known as Nadi Astrology [palmblattlesung].

The records on the palm leaves are not for everyone living on the earth but for the chosen few souls whom the Rishis of the ancient times had imagined will be born into the distant future. It is said that Astrology possesses the soul it wants to possess so that it begins to read the lives of the others, similarly those destined to be there among the palm leaves, are automatically attracted to know about themselves by the stroke of intuition or some circumstance that brings them closer to their records on the palm leaves. The records are written in the old Tamil and in poetic form such that it is very cryptic and only a few handful of Nadi Jyotish [palmblattbibliothek] trained in Nadi Jyothisham can decode or read them.

There are many parts to the Nadi Astrology palm leaf, and the most important being the Maha Siva Sukshma Nadi, in predicting the future of the person involved.

It is essentially a dialogue between the Lord Shiva and His consort Parvati, about the future of the planet on which we live.

In Banglore, we are the oldest Nadi Astrology center practicing Nadi Jyotish and predicting the future of the chosen few souls as divined in the Nadi Shastra.